Monday, June 04, 2012

Signature Needles...Again!

I was going to take some updated WIP pictures when I got home from work, but I went to Zumba instead. So I'll share an update on how I feel about the Signature circulars my aunt got me for graduation. Short version? Still love 'em! Longer version? They're great needles. You can tell they're well made, and I appreciate that. The tips aren't quite as revolutionary anymore as they were when they were first introduced (other companies have improved theirs to match), but they're just right, in my opinion. The way the cable swivels at the join to the needle tips is kind of the best ever. One tiny little annoyance? I'm used to knitting with the Knit Picks interchangeables, which have the small key hole in the tips. You can use that hole to string a lifeline while knitting by threading your lifeline yarn through the hole and then knitting as usual. It gets pulled along through all your stitches, easy-peasy. Since the Signatures are fixed, they don't have that key hole, so you have to string your lifelines by hand:
Lila Shawl--Lifeline
Tiny, tiny, beyond minuscule annoyance, but something I've noted.

I'm through the three repeats of Chart A on that shawl (the Lila pattern) and still have a good bit to go. I have to finish it in about two weeks...wish me luck!

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