Sunday, October 10, 2010

It Figures.

I just got some really fabulous new fingering-weight yarn. Two October VSC2 yarns, both from the Sookie/True Blood series:
Alcide Herveaux
(Alcide Herveaux -- Mmm pretty greens!)

Amelia Broadway
(Amelia Broadway -- Sparkly! And so many great colors mixed together!)

And two beautiful birthday presents, both part of Sunshine's Harry Potter series:
Another Weasley
(Another Weasley -- I love the Weasley's, and it's perfect fall colors!)

Yule Ball
(Yule Ball -- I almost bought this from a destashing friend a few months ago. Perfect!)

So what did I have a craving to cast on? A worsted weight scarf on big needles! *rolls eyes at self* I think my hands needed a break from tiny yarn and needles for a bit, plus I wanted something super easy. I chose the Ginger Rib Scarf, a free pattern I found on Rav. What's interesting about it is that each side is completely different, and yet I love it. The "ideal" scarf is reversible, i.e. it looks the same on both sides, so that when it's wrapped around your neck it doesn't matter if the right or wrong side is out. But this one is radically different. Even more interesting is which side is designated "right" and "wrong"'s the opposite of what I would think.

Right side:
Boston Tweed Scarf

Wrong side:
Boston Tweed Scarf

Normally, I like my scarves to be reversible, too. (It's part of why I've made 8000 -- okay, only five, maybe six -- of the Yarn Harlot's One Row Handspun Scarf.) But I'm totally enchanted with how this one's working up. With a lot of non-reversible scarves, it's very obvious which is the public side (e.g. with traditional cables), but on this one, because both sides look like they could be "right", I'm so happy with it. Odd, but nice! =)