Monday, May 21, 2012

Shiny New Needles!

Look what my awesome aunt got me for graduation:
Signature Needles
Two Signature circulars, in US 4 and US 7, my two most-used sizes!

They're even custom engraved:
Signature Needles
How cool is that?!?

She emailed me a few weeks ago with a link to the Signature website wondering if I would want a pair or, YES PLEASE. There are so many options, so I sent her back a range of what I'd want/use for each, and she picked two combinations that are perfect!

I'm already transferring one of my WIPs over to the 7s:
Signature Needles

You can kind of see the difference between the (red) Signatures and the (silver) KP Options, although it's more obvious in person. Now don't get me wrong, the Options are great needles, but the Stiletto tips on the Signatures are longer, narrower, and pointier without being sharp on the end, so they won't hurt your fingers. Love 'em!!!


  1. I love my Signatures, I just wish they made the circs in some of the smaller size needles. I'd kill for a 2.25mm & 3.00mm but the circs start at 3.25mm

    1. Ooh, that would be nice. I wonder if it's hard to make the points sharp enough when they are that narrow? Idk! I love how the cord swivels, although the joins aren't quite as smooth as I think they could be. Overall, still really great needles!