Monday, May 07, 2012

Fan-tastic Dishcloths

I talked about dishcloths a bit on Friday, and thought that today I'd show off one of my favorite things you can do with them: knit fandom-related motifs and know that they will still get used! If I send someone a fannish accessory, item of clothing, or piece of jewelry, there's no way to know if they will actually wear it. For example, even though I love Doctor Who, I wouldn't wear 90% of the Who shirts that pop up on the daily tee websites. They are cute, and I chuckle, but they're not my style. But will I use a Who dishcloth? Absolutely! They are great for including in swap packages, too, as a fun little extra handmade. Here are some that I made last year for two different packages as part of the Odd Ducks Doctor Who swap on Ravelry.

Don't Blink Washcloth
Don't Blink

because the
Weeping Angel Washcloth
Weeping Angels

have the
TARDIS Washcloth
Phone Box!

Those all went into one box, because the phrases went together nicely (a reference to the episode Blink), and then another box got just a Weeping Angel because the recipient is a big fan:
Don't Blink!
Aren't they fun?

One of my favorite fannish dishcloth designers is holynarf on Ravelry. Her designs are mostly Doctor Who, but there are some Firefly and general geeky designs as well, and they are all free patterns, which is excellent!


  1. How have I missed these? I don't know that I could bear to dirty a Who-cloth but.... BUT... I do foresee a fantastic long scarf knit up using the various washcloth designs. :D

    1. Ooh a scarf made out of washcloth designs would be awesome! I say go for it!

      Also, I am really picky about what I will use my "fancy" dishcloths for, especially ones that have been gifted to me. I almost always use them as face washcloths, and never with any kind of soap that will discolor or stain the fabric. But I do try to use them, because I figure that's what the person who gifted them to me intended!