Friday, June 01, 2012

Fair Isle/Stranded Knitting

I've never been much for colorwork beyond basic intarsia and some duplicate stitch, I think just because of my personal style. So I've never done proper Fair Isle or stranded knitting. Well, now I have a very good reason to learn! I received my swap package yesterday for the Ravelry Odd Ducks Harry Potter Spells & Potions swap (Odd Ducks is the name of the Rav group), and let me tell you, it is amazing! Here's an overview of everything: HP Spells & Potions Mosaic
Each individual gift had a character card with a quote that tied to the present--how perfect!

 One of the more impressive gifts, based on amount of work as well as sheer awesomeness, is this scarf: Hermione's Scarf
It's a perfect replica of the one Hermione wears in the later films, and I love it so much! What's extra cool is that my spoiler sent along the ball bands from the yarn that she used to knit it, which means that I can match the colors exactly and make the matching mittens--awesome! But since I want them to look as great as the scarf, I feel like I ought to practice stranded knitting first on some easier projects. Any suggestions?


  1. I haven't been this jealous over something in a while. That is such an awesome package and the thought that went into it is staggering! I bet you're still jumping up and down about it :)

    To practice stranded knitting though - hats are super simple and in the round so you can whip them up in no time!

    Now I'm off to update the queue/hunt for a few things on Amazon... :)

    1. I actually got a little bit teary-eyed as I was opening it, because it is just beyond perfect, for the theme and for me.

      I will look for hats--thank you for the suggestion! =)