Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Smitten With Scarves

I wish I had exciting things to blog about, y'all. Really, I do. But I'm still on my Sock & Scarf kick, leaning heavily toward scarves. And shawlettes, which are basically scarves...and my current favorite way to use some of my FFtC yarn, which I've lately been completely unable to stop purchasing. I made a Lacy Baktus and a Multnomah. I don't like the LB pictures, but here's the Multnomah back when it was still in progress:

Multnomah Shawl
(Sporting awesome True Blood stitch markers by Knit Girl in Idaho)

I've currently got three scarves in progress, and once again, no pictures of them, or none that I really like. (Seeing a trend? Now you understand the lack of blogging...)

White Balance Fail
Parellel Lines, by the lovely Threadpanda (Mine)

New Moon
Another Clapotis (Mine)

Leah's Handspun
Flame Chevron Scarf in Leah's amazing handspun (Mine)

Now that it's 2010, I'm supposed to be working on a sweater, but...

This yarn is crying out to be my fourth scarf-in-progress...


  1. I love knitting scarves, because 9 times out of 10, I do actually complete the project, and scarves are generally just ... delicious! Height of summer here and I knit one while Richard was away on a hike, so satisfying!

  2. dang I have scarf-itch now ... gotta go shop for something yummy to knit up ...