Sunday, April 03, 2011

Your Knitting and Crochet Time - 2KCBWDAY7


Write about your typical crafting time. When it is that you are likely to craft – alone or in more social environments, when watching TV or whilst taking bus journeys?

I have a few typical crafting times. First, on the bus to and from school. "On the bus route" was one of my top requirements for choosing an apartment, and it's a great time to knit. Not only does it turn my commute into a productive time (it's usually too bumpy to read or do work) but it also tends to scare away other commuters, so I often get a seat to myself. Yes!

The second crafting time has a few facets, and it is "sitting in front of a screen" time. Facet #1: Watching TV or a movie at home by myself. I have a few must-watch shows (Big Bang Theory, Castle, Doctor Who) and often catch others, either new or in reruns, and this is a great time to knit. Certainly good for brainless knits, and also good for slightly more involved projects, e.g. anything for which I need to look at the pattern/chart. Very productive knitting time! Facet #2: At the movies! Yep, I'm a movie theatre knitter. Projects must be very carefully chosen for this. Requirements include thick yarn (worsted is ideal), big needles, and a completely brainless pattern. Light-colored yarn is also a plus. For the sake of the other movie-goers, I try to use wooden or bamboo needles because they make less noise. Facet #3: Watching TV or movies with friends. We often get together to watch movies or sporting events, and since most of my friends are also knitters, we definitely break out the WIPs!

Speaking of sporting events, I knit at those, too.
(Kyle Field, Texas A&M)
I have two special scarves specifically for sporting events, one for Texas A&M and one for LSU that are made of custom-dyed yarn in the school colors. They are good luck!

Where's your favorite place to knit?


  1. I knit while watching TV, too. I'm so not confident enough in my knitting skills to venture into movie theater knitting, though. I can almost knit blind, if it's stockinette or garter stitch, but still...

    I always (if I can help it) have my knitting with me at any family event - it's the only thing that will allow me to stay sane!

    I've knitted at meetings (after approval from the person(s) running them, of course.

    I've also knitted at work (back when I had a call-center job)

  2. Meetings! How could I forget about those? We have a lunchtime seminar every week and I almost always knit during those, after I've finished eating. It's usually just people from our department giving the talks, and they all understand that we are knitters. Plus, I work hard to be looking at the speaker the whole time and try to ask questions that show I was paying attention. It's another place where mostly-brainless knits are perfect. I can't usually knit during our regular group meetings, unfortunately, because I'm too busy taking notes.

    The projects I bring to the movies are pretty close to garter and stockinette, if not exactly them. The baby genius washcloths and Yarn Harlot's One Row Scarf are perfect for the movies because I've knit them so many times that my hands just know the motions.

  3. I was at a conference once and the woman in front of me knitted the whole time. I'm surprised she took any of the session in!

    Speaking of A&M.... well, the process has begun. Now we just wait. From what I gather it could take months before we hear anything. But in a way that's good as we can just forget about it :)

  4. I actually find that, for talks in which I'm not going to take notes, I listen better if I'm knitting than if I'm just sitting there. Without knitting to ground me, so to speak, I'm much more likely to daydream, doodle, or work on other things (like grocery lists). But I only do it when I'm here in our department as they "get it" and know that we're still paying attention. I generally don't knit at smaller conferences where I could be seen by the speaker, but a few of us have been known to break out our projects during big plenary talks when we're at the back of a 2,000 person auditorium and the speaker certainly can't see us. In the smaller talks, even though most of the audience is on their computer doing other work, I think that knitting would be frowned upon despite the fact that it helps me to pay better attention. Appearances are more important than actuality!

    Good luck with the A&M stuff! I know that whatever happens, things will work out for the best!