Saturday, December 18, 2010

Baby Hats

Wow, I've made a lot of these lately!

For Peanut:
For Lisa & John
(Rav Project Page)

For MR:
For Beth & Justin
(Rav Project Page)

For AM:
For Brice & Michael
(Rav Project Page)

For JC:
For Rachel & Rob
(Rav Project Page)

An average baby hat takes me about three or four evenings to make...not too shabby!

Big thanks to Entrelac who destashed the yarn for the second and fourth hats to me for only the cost of shipping! Go check out her stitchmarkers--they're wonderful!

Also, more pretty yarns came in the mail this month, in my next-to-last VSC2 shipment:
December VSC2 Mosaic
Sonja (purple/brown) and Viktor (blues), both inspired by characters from the Underworld series, which I haven't read seen (Thanks Panda!). They're so beautiful!


  1. Those yarns are so pretty! I've been working on a cabled hat for Martin too. Course, it takes me a lot longer than it takes you ;)

  2. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Pssst, Underworld is a movie series, not a book. ;) You should come visit, I have almost all of the movies on DVD!

    And those baby hats are so cute!

  3. @Krystal - Yay! I'm sure it will be lovely! I bet he's outgrown the teal one by now, hasn't he?

    @Panda - Oops, thank you! I think I got it confused with the Outlander books. They all run together in my brain.