Sunday, November 28, 2010

Process vs. Product

Normally, I would classify myself as a Process Knitter, i.e. someone who knits for the sake of knitting, because it's an enjoyable thing to do, not necessarily because I end up with beautiful things at the end. (Heh, sometimes I end up with really ugly things at the end, actually.) I've been known to knit something longer than it needs to be (or even should be) because I enjoy the yarn and/or pattern. Rarely do I continue knitting on something that I don't enjoy. Either it gets ripped immediately or tossed into the closet to languish as a UFO. However, I've found a project that is knitting up so wonderfully, even though I don't particularly like working on it, that I plan to persevere because darnit I want the scarf.

Weasley Ribbon
(Rav Project Page)

The colors are doing exactly what I wanted them to do. The yarn (Sunshine Classic Superwash Sock) is great to work with. The only problem is the pattern. It's really quite annoying to knit. It's grown on me a little bit just over the last repeat, but I don't love it. But I want the scarf so badly that I am going to stick it out. Hopefully I can finish it sometime this winter!


  1. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Is it the pattern as it's written that's annoying you, or the fact that it's leaning (like it's supposed to) that's still bothering you? I ask because this is in my queue—but I like the leaningness.

  2. It's the asymmetrical way that it has to be knit to achieve the leaningness...does that make sense? There's nothing wrong technically with the pattern instructions, I just don't like asymmetric things.

  3. Anonymous8:34 PM

    I'm a process knitter, too! In Debbie Stoller terms, I am a "Hurts So Good" knitter. I seem to always pick the most difficult things to try and accomplish, or something way past my skill level. Then I'm super stubborn, but I'm beginning to loosen up a bit. It's so worth it when you really love the FO, though! Scarf looks fab! ;)