Monday, September 20, 2010

Random Monday

(Channeling the Yarn Harlot, naturally.)

1) I resumed working on a pair of socks that I hadn't touched in approximately a year. They are coming along nicely.
Anastasia Socks
I really want to be good at toe-up, so I can stop wasting sock yarn. My biggest concern (besides the outrageously frustrating cast-on) is the heel, because I have odd-shaped heels, and I want to be sure it fits. I'm doing the Gusset Heel from Wendy's Toe-Up Sock book (instead of the short-row heel called for by the pattern), so hopefully it will work!

2) I've decided to frog the socks that were pooling. I'll try to remember to take an updated picture before I frog. It's gotten pretty ick looking.

3) After I decided to frog those, I started another pair of socks so I could still enter the FFtC Summer KAL.
Alice's Charade
I did not finish in time. (Because I was busy knitting baby blankets, mostly.) I've now finished the first of these socks, and started the second. Maybe I'll finish by the time it actually gets cold here?

4) Now there is a new FFtC KAL, of baby blankets for Project Linus. I've started one. I will almost certainly...wait for it...not finish in time, because I will be finishing up the socks from the last KAL, and working on a baby blanket for my cousin, who is due in December.

5) One day I will learn to avoid KALs.

6) I think this is the fastest blog post I've ever written. I like this!


  1. Oooh, that Anastasia yarn is stunning. I haven't done toe-ups yet, that will have to be my next learning curve! Also, what needles are those? They look so festive - mine are grey steel = v. boring!! :-D

  2. Toe-ups are kind of a pain to start, and kind of a pain to turn the heel on, but otherwise not much different from regular socks. Definitely a skill worth learning, but I'm not a toe-up fanatic, not yet. The needles are Boye aluminum dpns: They look festive because there are multiple colors of needles...because I lost one or two of the first set (blue) and had to buy another set (purple). ;)

  3. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Hmm, I might stick with the cuff-down method for now, I find heels bad enough. In fact, I found a pattern for some wartime 'spiral' socks which don't HAVE a heel - fantastic for me :-D

    Those needles are a happy accident then - they ought to sell them like that!