Saturday, February 07, 2009

A little teaser for you!

(Note: This was posted as a teaser on the old site of this blog, but I thought I'd share the pictures here too...I'm just too tired to re-write the parts at the end. *wink*)

A few weeks back I won a contest on Leah's blog, and the prize was a skein of her handspun!

Leah's Handspun

Isn't it beautiful? I love the colors, and I've picked out the pattern I'm going to make: the Flame Chevron Scarf. I'm so excited, but I'm trying to wait a little bit because right now I have too many projects on the needles!

Leah was also a participant (with A and S) in a little knitting photoshoot on the LSU Campus last week. The three of them had FOs that needed pictures for their Ravelry pages, and we all have the same lunch hour free, so we decided to meet in the quad and take pictures. It was so much fun, and some of the pictures turned out really cute. Some of my favorites:

Leah's Clapotis
Leah's Clapotis

A's Beret
A's Beret

S's Hat
And S's Hat/Beret.

So why did I call this post a teaser? Because I have lots more pictures of their beautiful FOs to share, and I'll be posting them soon on the new location of this blog:

For various reasons, I'm switching away from Xanga to Blogger, and I hope you'll follow me over there. (The new RSS/Atom feed is here if you want to update your aggregator/reader of choice.) I'll still keep this site, of course, and all my entries will remain here, but there are a lot more options at Blogger, especially since Xanga has discontinued support for some Java codes I really like, like Ravelry Progress Bars, which are important so that I have some semblance of accountability for all those WIPs! ;)

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend and getting lots of knitting time! =)


  1. yay for Blogger!! Now I can follow your blog! and, I like your friends' berets. I'm jealous and kinda wanna go hunting for one now!

  2. Yes, I have outrageously talented knitting friends! You ought to learn to knit Carrie, then you can make your own! ;)