Sunday, March 27, 2011

FO: Alice's Charade

Another FO to share! (Yay for Daylight Savings Time and evening sun!)

Alice's Charade
Pattern: Charade by Sandra Park (Free on Rav)
Yarn: Fresh From the Cauldron's Alice Cullen
Ravelry Project Page

I love these socks, even though they took nearly a year(!) to finish. My first socks on Magic Loop. I like the technique on larger size needles, and it's okay for socks, but I think I still prefer DPNs. It's good to have at least one sock-size needle that's long enough for ML, though. It is much easier to do Judy's Magic Cast-On on ML than DPNs. (Trust me, I've tried both ways!)

Alice's Charade

I added two extra pattern repeats to these socks (for a total of 72 sts cast on) because my last Charade socks, knit exactly to the pattern, were a wee bit too small. They fit, but they are tight. These are much better, although I have the same problem I often have with socks, which is that if they are big enough to fit over my tall heels, they are too wide around my skinny chicken ankles. This pattern isn't stretchy enough to be snug around the ankles, so there is some bunching, but it's not too bad.

Alice's Charade

I knew that Alice (the fashion diva of the Cullen Clan, for those who aren't Twilight fans) required a bit of a fancy pattern, both based on the character and the colorway, but simultaneously one that wouldn't overwhelm the colors of the yarn. I think this was perfect for her!

I tried to pay homage to one of my favorite knit bloggers, Threadpanda, with a few pictures of these socks being modeled with black heels. Panda did it with her Alice socks (same yarn, different pattern), and they look splendid:

(photo by Threadpanda, used with permission)

I own a ridiculous amount of black heels, so I was sure I could make it work with at least one pair. Turns out no. One pair was kind of okay, but I couldn't get a good pic. I have a knitting friend coming to visit in a few weeks though, and maybe between the two of us we can make something work!


  1. *Waves* hello! :-) Nice work on the socks. One of these days, I'll learn how to do those, too.

  2. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Your socks look fantastic! And now I have a mission to try and figure out how to help you make socks fit your ankles. :D

  3. Thanks Nae! Socks aren't so bad--a little tricky at first, but pretty easy to pick up. I found Yarn Harlot's *Knitting Rules* book to be extremely helpful.

    Panda, don't stress out about it! If I pick ribbing-heavy patterns they work just fine.