Friday, August 20, 2010

Baby Blankets!

I'm definitely at the "everyone I know is having babies, or trying to" stage of life. It is wonderful, because I love babies! I can't have my own just yet, but I very much enjoy borrowing kiddos from my friends, and knitting for them is always a blast. Baby stuff is just cute, y'know? And it goes quickly! I can't knit blankets for all the babies around because that would take too much time, but here are a few recent ones:

Rock Chalk Wilfred, for Baby H in Kansas:
Rock Chalk Wilfred!
Ravelry Link

It is affectionately known as the Spiderman Blanket...
"Spiderman" blanket!
...and is really good for napping.
Wilfred Takes a Nap
(All together now, "Awww...")

Purple Pinwheel, for Baby L in Oregon:
Purple Pinwheel
Ravelry Link

Also good for napping.
Purple Pinwheel
(Thanks N for the photos!)

Coco's Blanket, for Baby Coco in Louisiana:
Coco's Blanket
Ravelry Link

I don't have an action shot, yet, but this is me and Coco:
Me & Coco
She's so tiny and soft and wonderful!

I really like the pinwheel (purple) and chalice lace (green) patterns, and it wouldn't surprise me if I make more. What's your favorite baby blanket pattern?