Saturday, June 05, 2010

Not-So-Local LYSs

I've been doing a bit of traveling lately, and like a good little knitter, I've visited a few LYSs along the way. First stop, Tallhassee, FL. I was there for an astronomy meeting, but had a bit of free time to sneak out to two lovely LYSs:

First was Wooly Bully. Loved it!
Wooly Bully
I actually ended up visiting WB during one of their knit nights and not only were they still happy to help me snag some souvenir yarn but they invited me to join them, so I did! Sat and knit for thirty minutes or so and had a blast. The yarn I got was a skein of Pigeon Sock in "Thank You" from TurtleDove Yarns, a Tallahassee-local dyer. It's beautiful pastels, and unfortunately I don't have a picture to show, but trust me, it's pretty! She had a couple of different colorways there, and I wanted to buy all of them. They had a couple of other local dyers represented there, too, but I had to restrain myself.

Next stop was Really Knit Stuff, which is located in a neat community of artists and crafters.
Really Knit Stuff
They unfortunately didn't have anything local, but they had some yarns I'd never heard of or seen before, so that was exciting. I snagged a skein of Pagewood Farm's Hand Dyed Denali Sock in Vineyard Blues:
Pagewood Farm Denali Sock
Scrumptious! It turns out that Pagewood Farm is actually pretty good-sized (based on the number of skeins of it in the Rav database) but I'd never heard of it before, and the colors are beautiful, so I was psyched.

After Tallahassee I spent a few days in Chicago with my mama. I had high hopes for a particular yarn store there that touted their "unique selection", but when I got there, not only did they not have anything local, they didn't have anything that I'd never seen/heard of before, and and they looked at me funny when I asked whether they had anything unusual. It was a huge bummer! I think the store would be great to have as an actual LYS, because they had a lot of nice stuff, but for souvenir yarn, it didn't work.

No need to fear, though, knitters to the rescue! I ended up meeting up with two of my dearest Ravelry friends, shalu and knit1purr2, and they brought me some absolutely fabulous yarn:
Kona Superwash
It's hard to see in the photo (more on that later, maybe), but it's a gorgeous worsted semi-solid turquoise that's just wonderful. 560 yards of hand-dyed awesomeness from Woven Art. So, I didn't get any Illinois yarn, but I got some wonderful Michigan yarn...yay!


  1. Anonymous12:38 AM

    I take it that you like blues? ;-)

    Sounds like a wonderful trip! Isn't it amazing that knitters everywhere are so friendly. Just walk into any yarn shop and feel like you're welcomed into a family.

  2. @Tove - Haha, yes, I am a bit of a blue fan. How could you tell? ;)