Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another KAL!

Remember back in January I started that dishcloth KAL? It didn't go so well. I finished the dishcloth eventually, but it wasn't 'til May when I finally sat down and cranked out the end of the cloth, mostly just to get it off my WIP list. It's a cute snowman pattern, but it's a big cloth, and I don't really have any use for it. Needless to say, I didn't do any of the following months' KALs. (I knew going into it how big the cloth was going to be...I just...thought I'd come up with a use for it? Idk.)

But now I've started one that I'm really excited about! As part of the Fresh From the Cauldron group on Ravelry, I'm doing the FFtC Summer KAL (fftcsummerkal). You can pick any pattern you want, you just have to use FFtC yarn. Not a problem! For every FO completed over the course of the summer, you get an entry into a drawing to win yarn, stitch markers, and other goodies!

I cast on for my (first) project yesterday, a pair of Cookie A's Monkey socks:
Monkey Socks
This is my very first Cookie A pattern, yay! (They were partly inspired by Threadpanda's Crawl Straight Home Socks, which turned out fabulous.)

Monkey Socks
Yarny details, as always, on the Rav project page. Hopefully these won't take too long...I really want to win some of that prize yarn, so I'd like to have a few entries. ;)


  1. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Yay! They're going to look so fabulous. And then we'll be fraternal sock twins. :D

  2. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Divine yarn, that's going to be fun. Looking forward to the FO.
    Am currently on a fingerless mitten addiction (these ones: ) but thinking when that wears off I *must* try dishcloths :-D

  3. @Melissa - Thanks! I like those gloves you linked to...cute! And dishcloths are great, most of the time. I just don't have much use for the big ones!